S02E30 - 9.29.13

This week Sarah, Shaine, Scott, Bill and Dylan welcome Jered Johnson, president of Pepper Entertainment and partner in the new SFX venue "The District", into the studio to talk local music, staying the course while trusting yourself and building an empire your own way (my words, not Jered's). We hash out SFX music/food/drink venue "The District" before it's grand opening on November 8th and try our best to weasel Jered into a verbal commitment that AMIA will play the main stage LIVE someday. 

First hour we tackle the human fascination with death and adrenaline while speculating on a TV world that includes Tim Gunn leading budding fashion designers up Mt. Everest to certain death. Bill refuses to get on a plane even if it means abandoning the radio show and we say goodbye to Dylan as he heads out of state for bigger and better things. Music: "Animal" Prof

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