S02E31 - 10.13.13

Learn with us this week as we discuss mucus plugs, vernex, skin-to-skin contact, craigslist, internet revenge-porn laws, the US Govenment shutdown and a bunch of other things we know absolutely nothing about. Being informed is not as important as being interested! I think.

Smartest Band in Sioux Falls Round 2: Tennessee Murder Club vs. Union Grove Pickers is fast approaching and promises to be our best live event to date. Please join us LIVE November 17th at Bros Brasserie (332 S. Phillips Ave) in downtown SFX. Doors open at 4pm - we are ON-AIR at 5pm. There will be food and beer available so bring a friend and have a great night of trivia with us. Music: "Inhuman" - Sonic Youth

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