S02E40 - 12.29.13

Join Shaine, Scott and Sarah back in the studio to close out Season Two with a ...whatever sound like, a cap-gun or something similar makes. Scott starts the show with a list of personal ailments and a cry for help. If you have ANY medical knowledge, any at all, please help. 605 Magazine gets put on blast with Shia LaBeouf but a tear is shed for the man barred from the Mall of America for a year just for spreading x-mas cheer while making it rain 1K in small bills from a 40ft balcony; you do the math. 

Book your criminaly expensive hotel room for the Super Bowl now while keeping your eyes peeled for million dollar Picasso sketches being raffled off for $100 on-line. You could probably use a new little something-or-other in the living room anyway. And have you ever wondered what it would actually cost you to buy your loved one the "12 Days of Christmas" gifts? Neither had we, but that doesn't stop us from talking about it anyway. Chances are you can't afford it. If you can please contact us about Angel Investments for AMIA at andmightiadd@gmail.com

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