S03E05-02.02.14 "LIVE from the Super Bow(e)l(s)"

Join us this week LIVE from NJ at the Super Bowl!! Scott, Sarah, Shaine, Dominic, Lena and Bill (tho we haven't seen him yet, please call with info if you have any) were lucky enough to get a horrible seat near the concession stand and behind a large concrete pylon at MetLife Stadium this week. Sarah interviews the B-Team's penises, Shaine gets stuck in line and pays $600 for a few nachos and beers, Dom and Scott barely hold it together and shit basically gets super weird. 

The game can't stop us from discussing current events including Philip Seymour Hoffman's "tragic" death, Woody Allens current woes and we burn up our "Fixed Movie Lines" game before a rival broadcast crew destroys our chance to make radio history. We had an amazing second half planned but life happens man, and the authorities don't care how mad we are. Oh, a football game happened too, we think. 

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