S03E12-04.13.14 "The Episode When We Get (Into) Mental Illness"

Join Sarah, Bill, Shaine and Scott this week from the studio as we discuss our irrational fears and real life experiences with mental illness. Suicide, depression, fear, loathing, all types of mania and homelessness are all up for grabs. See, we're not just angry and unapproachable arseholes after all. Radio show panels have feelings too. 

In the second hour we re-hash the Union Grove Pickers show at Icon Lounge last weekend (the band is amazing, the venue is a brick lined tunnel of shittyness). Speaking of shit, an unidentified stink cloud invaded SFSD this weekend, and nobody knows where it came from. The Gophers Hockey team got spanked and all of Dinkytown in MPLS was afire with anger and Scott closes the show by getting all of the dates wrong on upcoming events. Music: "Crow Jane" - The Union Grove Pickers

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