S02E06 - 4.07.13

Can art go too far? At what point do you stop listening to your own radio show? Can the positive vibes from a "Comedy Showdown" feed starving children laughter casserole? These topics are tackled then quickly pushed aside for something else we forget just as quick. 

Dan and Dylan join Shaine, Sarah and Scott in the studio for a true Cincinnati 5 way, just like god intended. Music: The Vaselines "Son Of A Gun" The Way Of The Vaselines

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S02E05 - 3.31.13

Our "list making" is not a hit with the listeners, and we're not sure if we care or not. The news is tackled in five part harmony when friends Nick and Kelly sit in for the fun. Shaine's sister calls in and we all cry together before exchanging dream catchers. Music: Anilyst "Snapbacks Tattoos Remix" Syllable Sliding Vol. 1

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