S03E16-06.08.14 "The Episode About Jerking Off To Pinterest"

Join Sarah, Bill, Scott and Shaine back in the studio LIVE this week as we discuss what America, and what we, jerk-off to in times of trouble. A new episode of The Pervert airs ("The Case of the Phantom Blumpkin") and is a hit. We listen to tapes of the UCSB shooter talking like a real asshole (suprise, suprise) and they're as disturbing as you think they will be but hey, nobody else is playing them so what the F. 

A racist lady in NY is caught on tape being totally racist, then go's on the radio to solidify her madness with the public at large, so we listen to that nightmare as well. It's not all bad as we read cute notes kid's sent home from camp this summer, and most of them mention poop in some way. We pray to whatever god will listen that Tracy Morgan recovers fast and fully from his terrible car accident and listen to celebrities (in this case Kool Keith, Seth Rogan and Snoop (Lion) Dogg) reviewing movies and TV then close with a re-cap of the most recent FFFAAW, which happened to be our very own Sarah's debut art show. 

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